Flame retardant, Antistatica and Antichemcial Winter Jacket & Raincoat - TEXFW & TEXFWP

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3-in-1 ensemble: TEXFW and TEXFWP products have been built from the beginning to form a 3-in-1 Protective Jacket ensemble: the Outer Jacket acts as a waterproof jacket and can be detached from the Inner Jacket when not needed. The Wetsuit Jacket has detachable sleeves so during Autumn it can act as a Wetsuit Vest!

Multirisk fabrics: the fabric used for the construction of the TEXFW winter jacket has Multirisk properties: flame retardant, antistatic, antichemical fabric.

Waterproof Fabric & Heat Sealed Seams: The fabric used for the construction of the TEXFWP waterproof jacket has weatherproof properties and the seams of the product are heat-sealed on the inside to protect the wearer against water penetration.

Cold Protection: iTEX Design winter collection products are certified according to SR EN 342:2004/ AC:2008 "Protective clothing. Ensembles and garments for protection against cold" thus providing protection against cold environments. Cold environments are characterised by a combination of moisture and wind at a temperature below -5°C.

Unique design: The visual design of the product always starts from the brand identity of our customer: we can customize the design by modifying the base colors, contrast colors, asymmetrical design, positioning of reflective strips and ways of printing the logo.

Increased durability: all our products are double and triple stitched. 

Sizes & Comfort: our digital prints are updated annually according to the European Harmonised Standards and our printing department constantly tests the products developed to enhance the comfort level the wearer enjoys.

Basic technical details:

  • Protects against radiant, convective and contact heat
  • Protection class 2 welding
  • Lower front pockets with zip fastening
  • Inside chest patch pocket
  • Patch pockets on chest area
  • Adjustable waist drawcord for a comfortable fit
  • Designed for added warmth and comfort
  • Durable brass zipper
  • Fully lined to trap heat
  • Adjustable cuffs and hood for a snug fit
  • Premium flame retardant reflective tape .
  • Detachable hood
  • Station loops for easy attachment of a radio
  • UPF 40 to block 98% of UV rays
  • 5 storage pockets
  • CE certified
  • Reversible zipper for quick and easy access

The products can also be sold separately, they are individually certified under the following Harmonised Standards:

  • SR EN 342:2018 (EN 342:2017)- partial,
  • SR EN 343+ A1:2008 (EN 343:2003+A1:2007)+SR EN 343+A1:2008/AC:2010 (EN 343:2003+A1:2007/AC:2009)- class "3 2".
  • SR EN 1149-5:2008 (EN 1149-5:2008)- partial
  • SR EN 13034+A1:2010(EN 13034:2005+A1:2009)- type PB [6],
  • SR EN ISO 14116:2015(EN ISO 14116:2015)- flame spread index "1" for external material and flame spread index "3" for lining,
  • SR EN ISO 20471:2013 (EN ISO 20471:2013) + SR EN ISO 20471:2013/A1:2017 (EN ISO 20471:2013/A1:2016) - partial (only requirements for retroreflective material),
  • SR EN ISO 13688:2013 ( EN ISO 13688:2013)
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