Multirisk Protection Fabrics

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Every day you have employees working in high-risk environments facing serious hazards - from fires or explosions, high-voltage current and molten metal sparks to sharp materials, corrosive and toxic chemicals. The multi-risk fabrics used in the production of iTEX Design items are specially chosen to keep them safe!

We take great care of your employees and colleagues, providing them with comfortable clothing that gives them maximum freedom of movement and last but not least the chosen fabrics protect their lives from all hazards.

The iTEX Design portfolio includes individual protective equipment made of flame retardant fabrics based on modacrylic and cotton fibres, modacrylic and lyocell fibres or aramid fibres.

Meta-Aramid and Para-Aramid fabrics (Nomex type)

Noemx type fabrics are inherently heat and flame resistant fabrics developed on the basis of meta-aramid and para-aramid fibres. Nomex® fibres are heat and flame resistant and are used in protective fabrics, clothing, insulation and other high performance applications to help protect millions of people and processes around the world. Nomex® is an inherently flame-retardant, high-temperature resistant fiber that does not melt, drip or burn in air. 

Flame resistant inherent fabrics 

Inherent Flame Resistant (FR) fabrics are a technology that provides high performance protection of a fabric. With inherent FR, at least one of the fibres used in the fabric has its own FR properties. This eliminates the limitation of protection to a certain number of chemical washes, as the fibres are not treated to gain protection!

Flame Resistant Treated Fabrics

FR treated fabrics are based on cotton, blended with polyester, para-aramid or polyamide. These fabrics derive their FR properties from the chemical treatment applied to the fabric. Designed for use in extreme circumstances, these fabrics retain their appearance even after extensive industrial laundering. Fabrics being treated to benefit from protective characteristics will acquire a limited period of use to a certain number of wash cycles. After exceeding the limit set by the European certification process, the protection of the wearer from the related risks can no longer be guaranteed.

Normative Audit

The iTEX Design team can provide an audit of the employee's activity as part of the fitting process and will recommend the right fabric to ensure complete protection and long-term optimisation (3-5 years) of budgets for individual protective equipment.

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