3D Simulations & Digital Patterns

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3D Simulation

Each new iTEX Design customer benefits of an entire process of analyzing the current design of personal protective equipment and personalized creation of visual proposals based on brand identity and market positioning.

Based on this analysis, the iTEX Design team prepares a series of visual proposals for an adapted and modern design:

  • Mixes of basic colours and contrasting colours
  • Asymmetrical shapes introduced in the product’s design
  • Pipping in contrast or reflective material
  • Different positioning of the reflective strips
  • Various ways of printing / embodiment the logo
  • Differentiation by departments / sections within the same company through discreet design details

Digital Patterns

Once approved, a visual design reaches our Internal Patterns Department who will develop a digital custom print for each iTEX Design client. The use of a digital pattern significantly reduces the possibility of errors during tailoring operations within the internal production flow and helps the outsourcing procedure for orders with special quantities.

Product Validation

Every design and pattern are intensely tested by our colleagues to validate the construction of the product and ensure the comfort of every employee who will wear iTEX branded equipment.

Dimensional Chart

The patterns and framing bases of each client are redone annually based on updates to the European Harmonized Standards so that there are no differences between the standard sizes used in the retail industry and the sizes of the iTEX Design equipment.

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