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iTEX Design started in 2016 acting as an agency, wanting to bring the quality of B2C services in a B2B industry. Constantly evolving the mix between technology, innovation and the best protective fabrics in Europe, our portfolio now includes two in-house production facilities and a full range of products and services: design and pattern development services, EU-certified in-house production and deliveries anywhere in Romania, Europe or Africa.

We have managed in the 6 years since we have been active in this field to ensure that we offer our clients not only the necessary protective equipment, we can cover the whole range of protective equipment and services, from protective gloves and footwear to consultations with ophthalmologists to prescribe goggles, but also all the necessary support for the collaboration process to be as simple and efficient as possible. Thus, we take care of the whole process of creation, production and logistics.

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Our Mission

We realize that the task to keep the employees safe it's a daunting task for your Procurement and HSE department.That’s why we strive to became a “partner” rather than a “supplier”. We can take care of the research part and come to you with the best option for each type of PPE needed, even in special projects and operations where highly specialized garments or accessories are needed.

How do we do this? 

We listen, we adapt to our clients’ corporate identity and needs and we are always available to improve, adapt and overcome every new request or challenge. Or by putting it simply: we understand our clients’ needs. 

Agile organization 

With the entire management team below the ages of 35, iTEX Design is a young organization and we stimulate and leverage this young intellectual capital by offering a healthy mix of opportunity, responsibility.

iTEX Design
is an EU certified manufacturer specialized on the manufacture of individual protective equipment and distributor for the full range of footwear, protective gloves, protective helmets and any other accessories or consumables that are needed for employee protection in any industry.
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