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Asset Tracking Management Platform

Complementing the introduction of RFID tags on its own branded products, iTEX Design launched at the end of 2021 the digital platform with the role of Asset Tracking Management of all the equipment owned by a client, which practically supports the implementation of the entire technological infrastructure.

EIP Allocation Monitoring

In the Green-Protection platform, each client can digitally implement the structure of the entire team of employees, with different classes of regulations, thus generating an individual profile for each of them. On the dedicated page of each employee the client can monitor with the help of information from the scanning infrastructure provided by iTEX Design, complex details of the allocation and use of personal protective equipment.

Washing Monitoring

The introduction of RFID tags in the internal production process of iTEX brand products allows customers to monitor digitally and in real time the industrial washing cycles of the equipment (a standard in the Oil & Gas industry), implicitly to monitor the life of the equipment and the protection offered each employee using personal protective equipment.

Digital Catalogue & ERP

The platform allows the generation for each client of a digital catalog of products approved with iTEX Design and the configuration of order permissions (placement, approval and validation) and delivery addresses to facilitate the procurement departments or territorial managers of digital the placement of orders for personal protective equipment.

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