RFID & EIP tags

In 2021, iTEX Design introduced RFID tags in the creation process of its own branded products for the individual identification of each item. In addition to the Asset Tracking system (see Green-Protection), RFID tags allows each client, through the HSE department, to monitor the allocation of PPE according to a signed norm standard, the life and the number of wash cycles of each equipment in use, at any given moment.

Equipment Allocation Monitoring

With the implementation of a legal norm for the allocation of personal protective equipment within the Asset Tracking system (see Green-Protection), for each employee is generated a profile on the platform based on which the allocation of equipment with tags can be monitored and limited. Thus, every client has at all times information about the equipment in use, in stock or equipment that is nearing the end of its life and can check if the norms are exceeded.

Wash Cycle Monitoring

The introduction of RFID tags in the internal production process of iTEX brand products allows customers to monitor digitally and in real time the industrial washing cycles of the equipment (a standard in the Oil & Gas industry), implicitly to always have an overview of the duration of the life of the iTEX equipment and the protection offered to each employee who uses personal protective equipment.

Infrastructure and training

iTEX Design can implement at the request of the client the entire infrastructure consisting of RFID readers and antennas in all its territorial locations. Once the scanning system is technically implemented, technical support and training is provided to all employees who will operate the application and infrastructure.

Unlimited uses

Having the ability to individually identify each item in use, we offer the technological capability for each client to develop based on the iTEX Design infrastructure any kind of digital platform that meets the specifications of the industry in which it operates.

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